We expertise in Gel-Baiting System to control cockroaches, ants & silverfish – also available for your car! . In addition, We has earned the Quality Pro designation, the mark of excellence in the pest control industry. ​we provides you with the best cockroach pest control service through a quick, safe, effective, and stress-free solution. We offer the most advanced gel-treatment to control cockroaches at your place. The gel-bait applied by us is an edible pesticide especially formulated to attract cockroaches and kill them after they ingest it.

we  offer varied solutions for keeping your home and surroundings cockroach-free. We use gel-baiting, a method in which cockroach bait gel is applied to cracks and crevices, hinges, below the sink, under the gas cylinder, electrical appliances, inside the drawers etc. Sunshine Pest Control offers hassle-free service as there is no need to vacate the premises and no residual odour. It is also non-toxic, eco-safe and harmless to humans and pets. 

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