INTEGRATED SPIDER MANAGEMENT SERVICE (ISM) is an anti-spider service designed specifically for commercial and food storage/processing establishments.

Sunshine Pest Control offers Integrated Spider management service for commercial and residential processing establishments. We uses super pest spiders management methods.

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There are over 35,000 known spider species worldwide, but only a handful are considered to be dangerous and 27 species are known to cause human fatalities.

Spiders are attracted to warm, dark small spaces, like wall cracks, corners, air vents and in the washroom. However, some species prefer to stay closer to the outdoors, weaving their webs in your garden or near your outside lighting.

Although most common spiders at home are not really harmful, they can be a nuisance because of their webbing and can induce fear to some people.

FACT: Did you know that fear of spiders is known as arachnophobia? Some people with this phobia will scream, cry, have excessive sweating or even heart trouble when they come in contact with an area near spiders or their webs.

How to Get Rid of Spiders Quickly & Safely

If you have spiders in your home or garden, you want to get rid of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here are our top tips to remove spiders immediately:


In Your House or Apartment

To get rid of spiders in your house or apartment, we recommend these methods:


  • Set spider traps. Sticky glue traps designed to catch and kill spiders can be effective if you place them in high-traffic areas. Spider traps are available over the counter at home and garden stores. Keep them away from kids and pets and be sure to check and change them often.
  • Remove webs. Use a vacuum with a hose attachment to remove spider webs from your home. This should be done as soon as you spot one around your home.
  • Use peppermint oil. If you want to get rid of spiders without chemicals, there are many home remedies to choose from. One of the best is peppermint oil. Because it emits a strong scent, peppermint oil will repel spiders. For best results, add 15-20 drops of essential oil to a spray bottle full of water and spritz it anywhere you’ve noticed spider activity. Reapply regularly.
  • Use vinegar. If you want to get rid of spiders without killing them and without pesticides, vinegar is an excellent natural spider repellent. Fill a spray bottle half full with white vinegar and half full with water and spray the mixture into the corners of your home or bedroom to repel spiders. Reapply this spider spray every few days.
  • Install screens. If you leave your doors and windows open during the day, install screens to keep pests out. Maintain the screens annually to prevent holes from forming.
  • Use store-bought insecticide. Store-bought insecticides and spray treatments are meant to be used along the baseboards, in the corners of your home, and under furniture. These insecticides form a barrier that repels or kills spiders. They can be an effective method to deal with serious spider infestations. Keep in mind that many contain chemicals or toxins that are unsafe for kids and pets, so it’s important to use them carefully and to read all label directions.
  • Keep a tidy home or apartment. Clean your home regularly. Remember to vacuum all corners, under all furniture, and even your ceilings (use your vacuum’s extendable hose to remove cobwebs and spider webs). Clean houses make it harder for spiders to find hiding spots that allow them to stay in your home.
  • Use a spider catcher. If you want to get spiders out of your house without killing them, buy a spider catcher. A spider catcher is a hand-operated wand designed to pick up spiders in gentle, flexible fibers, and hold them securely until you can release them outdoors. A spider catcher will be most effective if you use it in conjunction with home remedies like peppermint oil and vinegar.
  • Clean up leftovers. When dinner is over, clean up promptly. Leftover food, crumbs, and other kitchen messes will attract pests like ants and beetles, which will attract the spiders who eat them. Wipe your counters and tables regularly, and wash all dirty dishes within a few hours.
  • Remove clutter. Clutter provides hiding spaces for spiders. With this in mind, remove as much clutter from your home as possible. Get rid of old magazines and newspapers, cardboard boxes, and piles of clothes.
  • Rethink your storage. Instead of storing your belongings in cardboard boxes, store them in airtight plastic containers. In addition to preventing spiders from hiding inside the boxes, this will keep your belongings safe from dust and moisture damage.